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Posting Tips

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Posting Tips

Post by Nishi on Wed Feb 01, 2017 11:55 am

Posting in order // Double posting
One well known posting info/tip/rule is to not double post. This is because it could be marked as spam, it could be annoying to other roleplayers and can end up having you roleplaying ahead of things. Usually posting right after someone else does shouldn't be done, but of course there are exceptions and you may do so when in a topic that really only contains you and  the other person you are roleplaying with. Places like camp shouldn't be posted right after one post of someone else's, wait at least to have two in between.

Sentence Count
Another is that you want to keep your sentences at a minimum of five sentences. There really is no max, but the post will tell you if it's too long with the amount of characters/words inside it. A sentence count helps your roleplaying evolve into more advanced or so you get used to typing in more detailed posts rather then one-liners. Sentences under five is considered spam as well because it's just too short.

Realistic Roleplaying
Realism should be kept in your posts at all times, however more as in semi-realistic because of the much higher intelligence in animals then before (in this roleplay). This means to not include any sort of magic, unless stated otherwise or something to do with the sky ancients etc.

Grammar // Spelling
You should always keep in mind to have your grammar well-kept and spelling. Sometimes you might be autocorrected, that's okay, but we just don't want a full paragraph of something like this, "Nihsi wooked oveer too th wolfs off te adhid pak." and so on.

Keeping these in mind will help your posts when roleplaying, and maybe even getting better at posting them, who knows?

[adm]Hey, there! I'm Nishi, and yes I'm using a warning, and it's a warning for you to look at this! HAH (: Anyways, I'm site creator/head admin and I don't mind getting pm's for help, so don't be hesitant! (; I love to draw and do outsdoorsy stuff, also photogrpahy! I watch Steven Universe and play multiple games! (Also read warriors cats & wings of fire!)[/adm]

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