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Wolf Pack Ranks

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Wolf Pack Ranks

Post by Nishi on Tue Jan 31, 2017 11:19 am

Ranks ;; Code: Most high rank ; Second high rank ; Third High rank ; Middle Rank ; Lower Rank ; Lowest Rank ; Respected/Cared Rank ; No rank

Alpha (1-2) - Leaders of the pack. There may be up to two alphas, but the male alpha is always one step higher. The second alpha would be his mate, a female wolf, she has the same control and is only to be mates with the alpha male.
Beta (1-2) - The second-in-commands of the pack. There may be up to two betas, but they do not have to be mates. They can be any gender and any count of gender. However, only one becomes alpha over a test.
Shaman (1) - The medic wolf of the pack, helps any injured or sick, however they may not help anyone without the permission from the alphas.
Seer (1) -  The wolf capable of seeing "visions" of the future or warning signs coming from the wolfs' "gods" above/ancestors.
Delta (1-4) - The messengers of the pack. A wanted rank of wolves, omegas may try out to get this higher rank to be treated fairly. They deliver messages between packs or spy on others for information.
Gamma (1+) - The pack members, they hunt for the pack mostly, but will fight in battle when needed.
Sentry (1+) - The wolf pack members that guard the territory. They are either assigned to patrol the borders or guard the camp, sometimes they will guard prisoners.
Fertile (wolf) (1+) - A female wolf that is either pregnant with her pups or already given birth.
Juvenile (1+) - A young wolf that is in training for his/her rank, which they will prove worthy of when older. If they fail at proving, they go down to a lowest rank.
Omega (1-6) - A very low-ranked dog, aloud to stay in the pack from either being pitied by the alpha of the wolf not to die, or a loner wolf wishing to join. They get the last in everything, but are provided with shelter and warmth. The omega is often picked on and is kept up to six due to past history of an outbreak from the omegas.
Watcher (1+) - A former omega given the rank of watcher, they watch and babysit the pups and/or elders.
Elder (1+) - A retired wolf, being too old to work more in his/her rank. They are taken well care of and looked up to by even the highest ranks for advice.
Pup (1+) - A very young wolf, cared for and watched upon. They move up to juvenile when older and stay with their mothers until old enough.
Loner (1+) - A lone wolf that does not have a pack and lives alone.
Traveler (1-3) - A wolf with no pack, they travel in groups of up to three wolves. Higher then this means a small former pack. The travelers don't own territory and usually just wander around from place to place.
Rogue / Rebel (1-5) - A small pack of wolves either kicked out of the main packs or just despising them. They usually mess around the the main packs and have border conflicts a lot. However, they will not invade because of the lesser amount of wolves

[adm]Hey, there! I'm Nishi, and yes I'm using a warning, and it's a warning for you to look at this! HAH (: Anyways, I'm site creator/head admin and I don't mind getting pm's for help, so don't be hesitant! (; I love to draw and do outsdoorsy stuff, also photogrpahy! I watch Steven Universe and play multiple games! (Also read warriors cats & wings of fire!)[/adm]

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