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Posting Rules

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Posting Rules

Post by Nishi on Mon Jan 30, 2017 10:08 am


Posting Rules

  1. Sentence Minimum of five sentences. There should be no less or your post will be deleted automatically. Underneath five sentences is considered and marked as spam, which is against the general rules. Don't be afraid to go over top five sentences and try to keep them sentence-worthy, not three worded sentences.
  2. Third person is posted, first person and second person are not aloud. The roleplaying is all written in past-state. You may only use this when a character is speaking.
  3. Unrealistic characters are unacceptable. You may not have characters with powers, who god-mod, known as mary-sues and anything to do with magic unless it's being a seer. The only time this is aloud is if it's part of the plot, and only a certain wolf/couple of wolves will be aloud.
  4. Power-playing is not aloud unless the owner gives you rights/permission to do so of the character. If you're roleplaying with someone needed in the roleplay, you cannot roleplay on without them or roleplay their character!
  5. One place at a time when roleplaying your character. Your character cannot be in one topic/thread in a hunting party, and then in another at the same time chatting with some friends.
  6. Alpha threads are made for alphas and should be kept up to date by the alphas' roleplayers. This includes updating every week on announcements and news in  your packs. If you are inactive at the time, pm an admin that is active and they will take over for you for the time being.
  7. Do not roleplay without being accepted in your  application. This means you shouldn't be roleplaying your character that hasn't been created or accepted yet in the applications.
  8. Do not copy anyones application, especially the history. The history may only be copied if it's allowed and has something to do with the member's wolf.
  9. Fighting predators like a bear or wild big cat etc should only be allowed if an admin gives you permission. This is because we don't want people bringing in random bear attacks in a pack camp.
  10. Do not double-post , this is considered and marked as spam as well and if you need to add something to your post or forgot to, either edit the post OR wait for someone to post after you. You can only double post if needed, this does include bumping but only for roleplays, bumping applications should be by pm to staff.


[adm]Hey, there! I'm Nishi, and yes I'm using a warning, and it's a warning for you to look at this! HAH (: Anyways, I'm site creator/head admin and I don't mind getting pm's for help, so don't be hesitant! (; I love to draw and do outsdoorsy stuff, also photogrpahy! I watch Steven Universe and play multiple games! (Also read warriors cats & wings of fire!)[/adm]

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