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General Rules

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General Rules

Post by Nishi on Fri Jan 27, 2017 12:29 pm

General Rules

  1. Respect is highly required, not only to the amazing team of staff members, but also to everyone on the forum here, everyone deserves to be respected.
  2. Only two high ranks aloud! This does not mean two in each pack, but the whole roleplay. This is a rule because we want to give others more of a chance to take these roles.
  3. Usernames should be kept appropriate, nothing threatening, rude or just random. Please create a username that has no numbers or space bars. Other digits other then letters are not aloud, unless you use something to seperate a name like a space bar. This helps when tagging since a split name is much more complicated to tag.
  4. Inactivity should be firstly told to the staff members or posted about it somewhere appropriate. If it's sudden, we give you a week's notice, otherwise your user will be deleted or added to the inactive group.
  5. Keep it clean , we don't want anything with mating in here, when it's necessary it should fade to black and timeskip/jump. There should be no detail in violence either, so don't describe how their stomach was sliced open in a whole paragraph either.
  6. Humans are not aloud to be in the roleplay. They cannot be roleplayed, nor be in your character's application. The humans are extinct inĀ  this roleplay, but they may mention something like humans because they use human weapons. (daggers etc, not guns etc)
  7. Do not fight anywhere unless it's roleplaying. I don't want to see members arguing over something simple. If it's personal, please do it in pm not OOC or chatbox. If it's something you think should be resolved, pm a staff member and they can fix it.
  8. Applications should be finished within three weeks. This means the staff bumps twice one week. If it is not finished by the end date, it will be deleted no matter the excuses.
  9. Profiles should not be offensive in any ways, this includes your comments, signature and avatar. So keep it appropriate and friendly.
  10. Spamming should not be anywhere, otherwise it will be deleted. Don't post one sentence in the howl-it section just to start a random conversation, that's for the chat box or private messaging.


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