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Gems Information

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Gems Information

Post by Nishi on Wed Feb 01, 2017 12:26 pm

How to earn gems ;

Lots of people will probably ask this question frequently, so I've listed below ways you can get gems so you can buy those things you've really wanted!

Creating an application : Can earn you 30 gems! That's right! However, only eight characters are aloud and you can get more by buying with gems.
Posting // per message : Can earn you 1 gem each! So keep posting and roleplaying every day!
Posting // per subject :  Can earn you 3 gems each!
Contests & Events // posting : Can earn you 6 for starting one!
Winning Contest/Event : Can earn you 10 gems + the prize of gems from the owner!
Posting // Cafe Lounge : Can earn you 8 gems! However, you must buy to enter & use the cafe lounge.
Posting // Forum Roleplays : Can earn you 4 gems each!
Posting // Painted Paw-Prints : Can earn you 20 gems!
Gaining a Friend : Can earn you 5 gems each!
Every day you log in : Can earn you 2 gems each!
Profile Messages : Can earn you 2 gems each!
Reputation : Can earn you 50 gems every time you reach 50 mark.
Promoting // Advertising the Site : Can earn you 100 gems!
Submitting Useful Art for the site : Can earn you 100 gems!
Entering a "OTM" : Can earn you 10 gems!
Winning a "OTM" : Can earn you 75 gems!
Bringing in new members : Can earn you 200 gems for both users!
Ideas for the site // Suggestions : Can earn you 5 gems!
Ideas for the site // Accepted : Can earn you 25 gems!
Selling things from your shop : Can earn you 15 gems every sale!
Give Away Characters : Can earn you 10 gems! Do so in an adoption center.

What can you do with your gems ;

Gift : you can gift up to 20 gems a day to another user.
Create a Shop : you can sell things like art, coding etc ((off-site is allowed))
costs 100 gems
Get the Supporter rank : you can have your own special rank ; use the cafe lounge;and access chats/shops and other things there; you can also earn this rank by posting a lot
costs 500 gems
Adopt characters : you can adopt someone else's characters, if you don't want to spend more money on buying for more then 8 characters.
costs 10 gems
Have you site become sister  sites : be right up there, your site advertised and much more special then the affiliates
costs 75 gems

more to be added later, however the cafe lounge holds secret shops only for supporter ranks and staff to use and those shops have more things!

[adm]Hey, there! I'm Nishi, and yes I'm using a warning, and it's a warning for you to look at this! HAH (: Anyways, I'm site creator/head admin and I don't mind getting pm's for help, so don't be hesitant! (; I love to draw and do outsdoorsy stuff, also photogrpahy! I watch Steven Universe and play multiple games! (Also read warriors cats & wings of fire!)[/adm]

Nickname : Just Nishi, but you can call be Sarah.
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